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Essendon childcare and Kindergarten

Are you looking for childcare in Essendon or kindergarten? Then don’t search any more; you have found us. Little Stars Early Education Centre is located just a 9-minute drive from Essendon, which is literally only 6km away. We recently renovated this childcare centre to fulfill the needs of our children. We want them to feel at home and to have quality education. We make sure that our children receive quality care and education. We provide both early learning and kindergarten programs.

Additionally, we are the most affordable childcare in the area, While the average daily rate in the area hovers around $160 according to Care for Kids, we offer a competitive rate of approximately $140 per day.

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Stephanie Gregoric-Ceballos


Our Centre Manager is the backbone of our Centre, empowering our Teachers and Educators to deliver top-tier care and education to all children.

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Childcare Essendon : Why Are We Special?

Our long day care has experienced, qualified educators who are passionate about providing good care to our children. Additionally, our early learning centre curriculum focuses on developing various skills, which is referred to as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). In our recently renovated space, we have ensured that our children feel safe and have access to ample resources for better learning. The facility ensures their safety and security. But it doesn’t stop there; we also prioritise the health and well-being of our children by providing them with nutritious, healthy, and delicious meals. As a parent, you will observe all of this through daily updates on our app. We provide daily updates to parents about the activities their children are engaged in and how they are progressing. Moreover, we have a very simple process for enrolment and payments.

Some of the highlights of our centre

Essendon Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an important part of the journey to school. We offer government-approved kindergarten programs for three-year-olds and four-year-olds. Our childcare centre is focused on promoting confidence in children by providing them with education for their better development. Our kindergarten teachers do their best to encourage learning and develop various skills, such as sensory, motor, arts, and more.

As a kindergarten, we offer a quality-based program by following the Early Years Learning Framework as our benchmark and guide. We aim to provide early childhood education that caters to the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs of our children. Our childcare meets the National Quality Standards and has been rated by ACECQA (Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority) as “Meeting NQS”.

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What are the benefits of joining our kindergarten?

Our preschool program will help your child learn a variety of skills. Some of the skills we aim for your child to develop are:

Have concept to the children to be confident and think positive

Help them to gain communication skills

Develop STEM skills

Learn to work in a group

Able to make friends

Able to make good relationship with educators

Develop creative skill

Have a sense of looking after self and the belongings

Confidently communication with adults even out of family

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What parents say about our childcare Essendon?

Google Rating
Based on 30 reviews
Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen
My son is welcomed by name by every single educator at Little Stars AVH. His educatoes (Esp Wombat team) have taken the time to know him and make sure he feel comfortable. He settled in quickly and comes home happy every day now. The management team (Ghiwa and Steph) has shown an enormous amount of support and communication during the transition. Little Stars has a family feel where the educators go above and beyond for both your child and you as a parent. Thank you team
Awais Ahmad
Awais Ahmad
The new management have made a very big difference in this place. I highly recommend this childcare centre. Love the staff and management. Highly recommended!!!!
Kiara Johnson
Kiara Johnson
We have had the most wonderful experience at Little Stars. I can’t thank the staff and educators enough for their friendly nature and genuine care for the children. My daughter absolutely loves her time at daycare. Whenever I drop her off she happily goes to one of the educators for a cuddle to settle in, so I never feel guilty when I leave as I know she is in wonderful hands. And when I come to pick her up she is sometimes having so much fun that she’s not ready to leave. Sending your kids to daycare (and choosing the right one for your family) is always a daunting thing, but we always feel so welcome whenever we pick up or drop off our daughter. Thank you again to Little Stars for taking such wonderful care of our daughter, she is absolutely thriving there!
Mickey Pezzimenti
Mickey Pezzimenti
Amazing people and even better child care
Shae Hollingsworth
Shae Hollingsworth
My child has been going here for 2 years and absolutely loves it. The staff are consistent, friendly and create a supportive and caring environment for the kids. The recent renovations are great and the additional play areas keep the kids well entertained. Would strongly recommend if you are looking for a child care centre with a family atmosphere.
Hugh Demolay
Hugh Demolay
This has been a fantastic centre, the staff are friendly, they make my child feel loved, cared for and the managerial staff are always happy to assist me with any enquiry. Couldn’t recommend this centre enough.
Sharmina Jean Martyn
Sharmina Jean Martyn
My granddaughter is in the Wombat room and she loves little stars. Every week when we see her she talks about little stars and is excited to go every day . I have also noticed that the educators in the Wombat room actively teaching her to toilet train and focusing on achieving her goals. As grand parents we always worry about our grand kids happiness and well-being . But since our grand daughter started attending little Stars we feel more relaxed and never been happier . As for our grand daughter she always has a smile on her face and doesn’t look tired . After all it’s a home away from home . We are very happy that my family chose Little Stars for her
Melissa Ansell
Melissa Ansell
We moved our son to Little Stars this year. He is so excited to go to “play with his friends”. Educators are so kind and loving, he is developing so quickly and the communication is amazing. I highly recommend taking a tour and experiencing this amazing centre it’s the perfect balance of family and education rolled into one.
Jodie N
Jodie N
After touring 7 different childcare centres I almost gave up my search until I came across Little Stars. The layout with the newly renovated facilities are perfect for my active toddler. From day one they have always strived to accommodate any requirements I've requested and has provided me with great support to my family on this new endeavour. A big thank you to all the staff from management, chef and educators for doing a wonderful job operating a centre that ticks all the boxes. Well done to the team for also creating an educational yet 'family feel' environment for our children, its certainly a refreshing approach that stands out from the rest.
Kirti Dwivedi
Kirti Dwivedi
As a student doing placement at Little Stars Education Centre, I've had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the remarkable environment that this center provides for children. It's been an incredibly enriching experience, and I'm eager to share my perspective on the fantastic team at Little Stars. Mohammad and Aisha, the owner of Little Stars, is an inspiration to me. Their unwavering commitment to providing a safe and nurturing space for young learners is truly commendable. Ghiwa's daughter of Aisha and Mohammad plays a role of Centre Management, her dedication and vision have created a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes Little Stars feel like a second home for both the children and the staff. She has set a high standard for the center, and it's evident in the joy and growth I've seen in the children under her care. Mariam, the Educational Leader, is an exceptional educator who I've had the privilege of working with closely during my placement. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise in early childhood education is impressive. Maryiam ensures that the curriculum is not only comprehensive but also tailored to meet the individual needs of each child. Her passion for teaching and her ability to inspire young minds are truly inspiring, and it's evident in the children's progress under her guidance. Aparna, my mentor teacher, has been a guiding light throughout my placement at Little Stars. Her dedication to both the children and my growth as a future teacher has been invaluable. Her expertise and experience are invaluable in shaping the young minds in her care. I have witnessed each child's confidence and skills grow under her guidance. Its her passion for early childhood education shines through in her interactions with the children. She not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures young minds with care and attention. The nurturing approach and her willingness to share her wisdom have helped me learn and grow in my role. Her mentorship has been instrumental in my development, and I'm grateful for her support. Drita, one of the educators at Little Stars, is another exceptional member of the team. Her patience and ability to connect with children are truly remarkable. I've had the privilege of learning from her in a collaborative and supportive environment. Drita's dedication to the children's well-being and learning is evident in every interaction, making her a role model for any aspiring early childhood educator. The entire team of educator's Sayeda, Evelyn, Preeti, Sameena at Little Stars is a cohesive unit that works tirelessly to create an environment where children can thrive and grow. The center is a place of warmth, laughter, and learning, and I'm grateful to have been a part of it during my placement. My experience at Little Stars Education Centre has been nothing short of transformative. It's a place where both children and educators are encouraged to reach their full potential, and the positive impact it has on the children's lives is evident every day. I wholeheartedly recommend Little Stars to anyone seeking high-quality care and education for their child or considering a fulfilling career in early childhood education.

Virtual Tour

Are you busy and unable to visit our childcare centre? Not to worry! You can take a virtual tour of our centre. This tour was recorded last year. Since then, we have added more resources to our daycare centre. Our long day care facility has two floors and a spacious outdoor play area for children. The areas are separated for each group accordingly.

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We are located on convenient distance from Essendon (Essendon West, Essendon North or Essendon Fields).

Distance of our child care from Essendon

Distance of Little Stars Early Education Centre from Essendon

9 min Drive(6.1 km)

Distance of our child care from Essendon West

Distance of Little Stars Early Education Centre from Essendon west

4 min Drive(3.1 km)

Distance of our child care from Essendon North

Distance of Little Stars Early Education Centre from Essendon North

9 min Drive(6.1 km)

Distance of our child care from Essendon Fields

Distance of Little Stars Early Education Centre from Essendon Fields

10 min Drive(7.1 km)