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This page offers existing families essential information and useful articles.

Policies and procedures are essential in education and care settings such as Little Stars Early Education Centre because they are a legal requirement under the National Quality Framework.

Our educators make Little Stars Early Education Centre the special place it is. We employ individuals who are smart, determined, and we prioritize ability over experience.

Educational and development programs at Little Stars Early Education Centre are designed for children to thrive, grow, and develop positive attitudes to become active members of the community.

Child Care Subsidy (CSS)

At Little Stars Early Education Centre, we assist you in understanding your family’s CCS (Child Care Subsidy) entitlements and exploring the different enrolment options available.

At Little Stars Early Education Centre, we offer helpful information on Settling Your Child, Financial Assistance, Casual Bookings, Partnership Meetings, Child’s Belongings, and more.

Contact us through email or by calling – click here for more information.

National Quality Standard (NQS)

The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a high standard for early childhood and outside school hours care in Australia. It includes 7 key areas important for children’s development. Services are assessed and rated by their regulatory authority in each area and given an overall rating based on these results.

Quality Area 1 – Educational program and practice

Educators create child-focused, engaging programs that maximize each child’s learning and development opportunities.

Learn more about QA1

Quality Area 2 – Children's health and safety

Children have the right to quality education and care in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment.

Learn more about QA2

Quality Area 3 – Physical environment

The physical environment is safe, suitable, and offers diverse experiences that promote children’s learning and development.

Learn more about QA3

Quality Area 4 – Staffing arrangements

Qualified and experienced educators build warm, respectful relationships with children, create predictable environments, and encourage active engagement in the learning program.

Learn more about QA4

Quality Area 5 – Relationships with children

Relationships with children are responsive, respectful, and foster a sense of security and belonging.

Learn more about QA5

Quality Area 6 – Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

Collaborative relationships with families are crucial for quality outcomes for children, and community partnerships based on active communication, consultation, and collaboration are essential.

Learn more about QA6

Quality Area 7 – Governance and leadership

Effective leadership and governance of the service enhance environments for children’s learning and development. Leaders establish shared values and provide clear direction for continuous improvement.

Learn more about QA7

Childcare Virtual Tour

Cannot make it to our childcare for a tour?

No problem! We got your child covered. We have made a virtual tour for you to have a look at the place you little one will grow and nurture.

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