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Loving Care for Infants: Little Stars 6 Weeks – 15 Months

Little Stars programs

Koala Room (6 Weeks - 15 Months)

Provides places for up to 14 children per day with 1 : 4 ratio

In our Koala Room, we prioritize providing experiences that are tailored to each child’s interests, promoting their social and emotional development, physical abilities, and cognitive and creative skills. Our nurturing environment fosters a sense of belonging for all children at Little Stars Early Education Centre.

Additionally, our Koala Rooms feature a dedicated outdoor play area that is fully grassed and shaded, allowing for year-round outdoor play and exploration.

We understand that each child has their own unique routine, and we work closely with families to ensure their individual needs are met. Clear communication with families is of the utmost importance to us, and we prioritize maintaining an open flow of information-sharing that respects the knowledge and insights of our families.

Some potential benefits of the Koala Room program at Little Stars Early Education Centre are:

The experiences in the Koala Room are designed to extend on each child’s interests and needs, allowing for individualized learning and development.

The Koala Room environment is designed to be nurturing, so children can feel a sense of belonging and security while they learn and play.

With its own outdoor play area, the Koala Room provides opportunities for children to engage in physical activity and explore nature throughout the year, while also protected from the sun with shade sails.

The routines in the Koala Room are flexible and adaptable to meet the individual needs of each child and family.

The Koala Room educators value communication with families and maintain a constant flow of information sharing to ensure the best possible care for each child.

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